We work a little differently to most branding agencies because it's more important to us to add value than to win business.

That might sound crazy as a commercial proposition, but it helps us sleep well.

So we are reluctant to prescribe the scope of our teams expertise, because that won’t be the barrier to whether we work together.

Rather it will be whether we can find a thread of an idea within your company structure worthy of amplification.

So when you make contact we might be a little shy initially. And you might be keen to move to first base quickly.

But we will find all sorts of excuses to slow the process down. Because what we really want to do is get off the phone, think and research deeply, and then come back with 10 remarkable questions you’ve probably never really considered.

It’s only at that point of the conversation that you’ll start to appreciate our point of difference.

And our reluctance to be like everyone else.