About Us

Men peak in their 20’s but generally don’t find themselves until well into their 30’s.

This otherwise natural process of finding your legs in life is further delayed if you’ve taken up a career playing professional football.

You become unnaturally self-interested, remain largely immature and have little comprehension of other people.

There’s also little space in sport generally for creativity and individuality, as we compete each week to be top dog.

The physical strength of the body is largely all that matters.

Of course much of this was not self-evident until I had well and truly left the comfortable nest the AFL provides those that play well (and often even those who don’t).

This website symbolises the next chapter in my life where I will get to use many of the skills I have acquired since leaving football to help build distinctive brands for individuals and their businesses.

I might be at the front of the boat directing traffic, but there remains an ensemble of talent at the back of the boat that helps make this happen.

In particular we will focus on brands and small businesses that are often poorly serviced by large agencies but nonetheless have interesting stories to tell.

I often think the best brands eventually are comfortable in their own skin. They know what they are and by definition what they are not.

I’m smiling as I write that.