If it was an ordinary Tuesday in Melbourne, Heidi would have had lots to say as her mouth was so often open.

And to most of us who knew her, her noise added a strange comfort to the working day.

But on this particular Tuesday an elderly woman who had once been a kind neighbour to her in Paris during her gap year was dying.

And suddenly Heidi had much less to say.

Suddenly her mind was focused and she had little time for her own noise or the noise of others.

All she really wanted to say this particular Tuesday was “I love you” to someone she really did love.

One of our goals in building brands is to harness the lesson that Heidi learnt that day.

That as life marches on we crave less. Less noise, less words.

And to honour words by using them less.

Because on the days that really matter to us, all of us, saying I love you covers pretty much all we really wanted to say anyway.