The best brands are sincere, captivating and honest.

You know when you’ve been touched by one because on some primal level they march to a different beat.

They distinguish themselves as much by what they leave out of their message as by what they include in their stories.

They often remind us of what it is to be human. But they do it in a fresh, understated way.

Clever brands can encompass any scale but, as a general rule, most are small and responsive rather than large and bureaucratic.

The frail man who repairs shoes in a laneway of Melbourne can, in some regards, resound louder than a global fuel brand.

Clever brands can answer both these questions with ease and a cup of tea.

Who am I?

How do I want to be remembered?

Because a good brand is like a reliable friend.

You don’t have to always have your eyes open, to know they’re doing the right thing.