This diverse collection of links keeps me inspired, challenged and helps shape the person I am today. It’s numbered in no particular order.

  1. Giddy with intelligence, the NYT is the only paper that really matters in the opinion of many. A short clip, a brilliant documentary.

  2. Dog Sledding. Life at its best, against the elements of nature, beautifully produced. A film by GOH IROMOTO.

  3. Font Men. Finding your passion , owning your eccentricity , the clients eventually follow.

  4. All the Way Charles Bukowski Poem.

  5. Packed with content , helps you look at everything differently. A labor of love by Maria Popova.

  6. Body Language by Amy Cuddy.

  7. The Art of Fielding - Chad Harbach. Makes you want to play baseball.

  8. Jenna Lyons. The real magic behind the brand better known as J.Crew.

  9. Cartier art department we salute you.

  10. A tip to a brillant business model in my home town of Melbourne Australia.

  11. The Mast Brothers whimsical take on retail.

  12. Hiut Denim - Do one thing well.

  13. Addictive brainfood.

  14. Satellite Island - Read about it in Vanity Fair only to discover its in Tasmania. Ironic.

  15. A simple story told well

  16. Daily Inspiration