Looking at how we move - differently

Most of us have fairly rigid ideas about who we are.

So it is inevitable that when we think about physical movement, we tend to frame it within the perimeters of things we already know.

But what if there were no real boundaries? Other than those we unintentionally impose upon ourselves.

Movement training begins a process of knowing yourself outside of boundaries. Our own and those of our own wider culture.

You start small, just as a dog or cat might after an afternoon nap.

Stretching and moving in ways that might initially feel odd.

Silly even.

But then something interesting happens.

Awkward moves start to feel less awkward.

The core strength we have worked years to achieve, using traditional methods, starts to deepen.

Then you end up with this question.

How many rooms of my current human carcass have I really lived in and how many have I walked past ?

A simple question it might take a whole lifetime, to understand.